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At first all thanks goes to almighty Allah. Welcome to Department of Economics, MBSTU.February 9, 2013, Department of Economics started its academic activities under Faculty of Social Science with an aim to do better in economic world. Initially the Department offers the degree of BSS (Hons.) in Economics by a time of 4 years.

Education System

The Department offers a 4-year Bachelor of social science (Honors) in Economics. An Academic year consists of two semesters and each semester comprises of 14 weeks. Therefore, the whole program can be completed within 8 semesters. To become a graduate from this Department each student has to complete 132 credit hours. The program is designed to satisfy the growing demand for economic experts, development and research personnel throughout the country. It gives students the opportunity to acquire knowledge of different branches of Economics. Moreover there are sufficient number of Mathematics, Computer Science, Politics, Statistics and Arts courses. The purpose of the Department is to provide a platform for teaching, learning and research in Economics that will contribute to economic growth, industrial and infrastructural development, and social prosperity in Bangladesh.

Officers and Staffs of the Department

The administrative section of this Department has Section Officer, Computer Operator, Upper Division Assistants, Laboratory Technician, Seminar Library Assistant, Lower Division Assistants, Laboratory Attendants, and Office Attendants.

Seminar Library

The Department of Economics has developed a rich and well organized seminar library with a lot of books available for students use. Besides, it has a lot of research journals, magazines and periodicals are also stocked at seminal library.


Since the Department has establishment on 2013, it is running its program with great success and dedication. The Department has strong wishes to offer a graduate program leading to Master of Social Sciences (MSS) in Economics, M. Phil and PhD programs in different branches of economics in future. Moreover, the Department is going to introduce training programs on STATA, SPSS,E-Views and different software related Programmes.


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