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The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) was established in Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU) by the approval of Bangladesh University Grand Commission (BUGC) under the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) on 28th January 2003. Initially the Department offers the degree of B.Sc (Engg.) in ICT and the formal inaugural of academic activity of the Department commissioned on 26th October 2003 with 02(two) teachers and 40 students in the session of 2003-2004. Till today, ICT Department has produced around 100 graduates who have established a good reputation in different IT sectors in home and abroad. In this session it started conducting classes for the 7th batch on 9th January 2010. Currently there are 250 students are studying in different semesters. The Department is located on 12,500 sq. ft. of space on the south side of the second floor of the New Academic Building, MBSTU.

Aims and Objectives

The Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offers a 4-year bachelor degree on Bachelor of Science in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). To become a graduate in this field one student has to complete 160 credits. The main objective of this Department is to offer such program of study and related functions as will be directly linked to socio-economics empowerment of the people of the country. It also initiates, organizes and performs research on practical applications of ICT.

The Department is leading to achieve the following objectives :

  • To actively pursue advanced research in ICT in order to develop knowledge based products and services.
  • To develop ICT facilities in order to create an on-campus environment conducive to enthusiasm, innovation and enterprise and to nurture innovative ideas and incubate promising initiatives.
  • To produce manpower and expertise in ICT by carrying out training in diverse areas.
  • To provide consulting and advisory services to public and private organizations.

Education System

The Department offers a 4-year program of Bachelor of Science (Engg.) in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). An Academic year consists of two semesters and each semester comprises of 14 weeks. Therefore, the whole program can be completed within 8 semesters. To become a graduate from this Department each student has to complete 160.0 credit hours. The program is designed to satisfy the growing demand for IT professionals throughout the country. It gives students the opportunity to acquire knowledge of Computer Science, Communication Engineering and Information Technology. Moreover there are sufficient number of Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Communication Engineering, Basic sciences, Commerce and Arts courses. The purpose of the Department is to provide a platform for teaching, learning and research in information and communication technology (ICT) that will contribute to industrial and infrastructural development, economic growth and social prosperity in Bangladesh.

Officers and Staffs of the Department

The administrative section of this Department has Section Officer, Computer Operator, Upper Division Assistants, Laboratory Technician, Seminar Library Assistant, Lower Division Assistants, Laboratory Attendants, and Office Attendants. Mr. Mohammad Ataur Rahman Khan is serving as a section officer to run the different activities of the Department smoothly with all staffs under the guidance of the Chairman.

Resources of ICT Department

The Department has a spacious lounge, office room with internet facility, 04(four) modern class rooms with Laptop, multimedia projector and audio visual facilities. For conducting sessional /Labs classes the department has two computer Labs, Microprocessor & Computer Interfacing Lab, and an Electronics Lab. All labs are air-conditioned. The labs extend their services through a good number of computers and peripherals and modern equipments. Besides, the Department has very modern Network and Communication Laboratory with Wireless LAN, CISCO Routers, CISCO switches, Microwave Trainer Kits, Analog & Digital Trainer Kits. The computer Labs are connected with submarine cable network through BTCL and for high speed internet connectivity.

Seminar Library

The Department of ICT has developed a rich and well organized seminar library with 1,000 of books available for students use. Besides, it has a lot of research journals, magazines and periodicals are also stocked at seminal library.

Research Activities

The Department of ICT encourages its students and teachers to research on IT related topics like data structure and algorithm, software engineering, information system design, computer network, bioinformatics, wireless networks, database and distributed systems, e-governance, artificial intelligence, neural network, fuzzy systems, machine learning, human computer interaction, pattern and speech recognition etc. Students are bound to take thesis under the course Research Project (ICT 400).


Since the Department has establishment on 2003, it is running its program with great success and dedication. Now the Department has taken to initiative to launch the M.Sc (Engg.) in ICT Program. Moreover, the Department is going to introduce training programs on CCNA, MCSE, and Red Hat Certifications to expertise the students in different IT fields in computer hardware, network administration, database, software development, web development etc.


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