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The Department of Physics established in 2010 and started its academic activities in February 2011 with three faculty members and 25 students of B.Sc (Honours) course. Physics concerns with those aspects of nature which can be understood in a fundamental way in terms of elementary principles and laws. Physics explains the properties of natural bodies and properties of matter; it discourses on the nature of elements, minerals, plants, rocks and animals and teaches us the causes of all the meteors, rainbow, aurora borealis, comets, lightening, thunderbolts, rains, snows, hails and whirl winds. Research in Physics seeks to explore and explain fundamental questions that range from understanding the origin of the universe, including string theory, cosmology and astrophysics to understanding the visible world of collides and the invisible world on an ever diminishing scale, from the mesoscale to the nanoscale, condensed matter, atomic and molecular and particle Physics.

Physics is a fascinating field of study where active progress is taking place in areas that affect all our lives. The syllabus of the department has been framed by some renouned experts to include highly advanced and many non-traditional fields such as PET(Positron Emission Tomography) Physics, Introduction to Nanomaterials, Laser Physics, Plasma Physics, etc. which have not been offered by other universities in Bangladesh.

The Department of Physics is leading to achieve the following objectives:

  • To give a good understanding of Physics as the foundation of modern Science and Technology.
  • To train students to enter graduate programs or to enter the research oriented world.
  • To establish a well equiped research laboratory in the newly born Physics Department so that the students can play a vital role in field of superconductivity, or other latest issues on Physics by doing research in cutting-edge research environment.
  • To provide manpower with the skills of todays job market.


First Batch in Study Tour

First Batch in Study Tour