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Md. Deluar Jahan Moloy

Phone: 0921-62415 Ext-121 

Cell: (+880) 1716 719234, (+880) 1912553044

Email: mdeluar@yahoo.com


Faculty Members

Professor Dr. Rabindranath Shil


Phone: 0921-62415 Ext-121

Cell: 0181 759 5028

Email: mshil@yahoo.com

Dhaneswar Chandra Sarker

Associate Professor

Phone: 0921-62415 Ext-121

Cell: 01916578740

Email: dhaneswar_05@yahoo.com


Mashfiqul Huq Chowdhury

Assistant Professor (on study leave)

Phone: 0921-55399 Ext-121

Cell: 880 1920 342156

Email: mashfiq3026@gmail.com


Md. Deluar Jahan Moloy

Assistant Professor

Phone:0921-55399 Ext-121

Cell: 880 1716 719234, 01912553044

Email: mdeluar@yahoo.com


Gowranga Kumar Paul

Assistant Professor

Email: gowrangapaul@yahoo.com 

Cell: 01722641876


Syed Mohibul Hossain

Assistant Professor

Email: m300cht@gmail.com 

Cell: 01914841480


Shayla Naznin

Assistant Professor

Email: shayla.naznin@gmail.com  

Cell: 01789681809


Faijun Nahar Mim

Assistant Professor

Email: faijun2005@yahoo.com 

Cell: 0181 953 0482


Md. Binyamin


Email: rony4721@gmail.com 

Cell: 0172 366 4828


Md. Sifat Ar Salan


Email: rsalan1366@gmail.com



The divine power lies in the understanding of science and the application of technology. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University is aimed to provide its students with the knowledge of proper combination of science and technology to get them prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The students of MBSTU hold not only the scientific knowledge but also the norm and values to become complete social human beings who would break all the obstacles of the society and lead it to a better one as they are influenced by the vision of the spiritual philosopher and the leader of the leaders - Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. That is why the students of MBSTU are well prepared to face the challenges of day to day life anywhere.