Mawlana Bhashani
Science and Technology University


The Independent Day was celebrated on 26 March 2016.  



The classes of the semester resumed on 14 May, 2016


Notice for admission in MSc (Engineering) and M. Engineering in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Department of Information and Communication Technology and Department of Textile have been published. (PDF files)                  



Job opportunity at MBSTU

Advertisement for the vacant positions for Teachers in different departments.         

Application form in English.

Application form in Bengali.









Upcoming Events

The classes and examinations of the University will be closed from  25 June 2016 to 13 July 2016 on the occasion of Summer vacation, Jumatul Bida, Shab-e Kadr and Eid-ul Fitr.
The offices of the university will be closed between 02 July 2016 and 13 July 2016 on the occasion of  Summer vacation, Jumatul Bida, Shab-e Kadr and Eid-ul Fitr.