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Department of Mathematics


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University (MBSTU). The department was established in 2012 by separation from the department of Mathematics and Statistics of MBSTU with four (4) high qualified teachers and 50 students. Initially the department offers a 4-year program of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. Pure and applied mathematics are teaching here combined. In the age of globalization, the knowledge of mathematics is essential in our every part of life such as Research, Banking, IT sector, Business, Telecommunications etc. On the basis of these necessities, the department is running its curriculum.

Aims and Objects

The department started its academic activity with a mission to produce highly qualified graduates in the field of Mathematics both pure and applied so that they can be

  • a good researcher which will empower the science and technology of Bangladesh and the whole world.
  • a manpower and expertise who will do better of the country and the whole world.


The department has designed its course curriculum with modern and advanced subject of mathematics with different programming language such as C, C++, Visual Basic, MATHLAB, MATHEMATICA, FORTARN so that the students having graduation from this department have a balance of theory and practical skill to prepare them for highly competitive job market.

Co-Curriculum Activities

  • Attending different national and international seminar and symposium.
  • Participating Inter University football, cricket tournament etc.
  • Study tour once in a year.

Research Activities

The high skilled and innovative faculties are taking part in research in collaboration with national and international organization in the field of pure and applied mathematics.


Since the department has started recently, the academic activities are going in full swing and the students are taking the most advanced knowledge of mathematics comparing home and abroad. We are confident to prepare the student with appropriate knowledge of mathematics so that they can take part in socio-economic development of the country and the whole world.


The divine power lies in the understanding of science and the application of technology. Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University is aimed to provide its students with the knowledge of proper combination of science and technology to get them prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. The students of MBSTU hold not only the scientific knowledge but also the norm and values to become complete social human beings who would break all the obstacles of the society and lead it to a better one as they are influenced by the vision of the spiritual philosopher and the leader of the leaders - Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani. That is why the students of MBSTU are well prepared to face the challenges of day to day life anywhere.